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    al.Far down below us were clusters● of squat cottages, the white smoke of kindlin▓g fires curling slowly upward from the●ir chimneys.Here and there ▓a peasant, looking quite tiny from th

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    e height of● our deck, crawled along across the flat▓ meadows.Away in the distance several stoc●ky windmills were turning slowly ▓yet ceaselessly in the morning breeze. ●The ca

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    nal opened out into the teeming harb▓or of Rotterdam.A custom’s o▓fficer inquired my profession, slapped me ▓paternally on the back with a warning● in German to beware the “sch

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    Sed pretium fermentum tellus id feugiat. Quisque in congue ante. Aliquam pretium condimentum orci vel consequat... self that t?/a>

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    ines of the c▓ity and turned out along the flat h●ighway to Delft.The route skirted a great can▓al; at intervals it crossed branch waterways, al▓l half-hidden by cumbersome cargo-bo●ats.Heavi

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    ly laden boats toiled slowl▓y by on their way to market, empt▓y boats glided easily homeward.On board, stocky▓ men, bowed double over heavy pike-▓poles, marched laboriously from bo●w to stern.Alo

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    ng the graveled tow-paths that c▓heckered the flat landscape, buxom women str●ained like over-burdened oxen ●at the tow-ropes about their sh●oulders.Wherever one met him the boating

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    Du▓tchman shared most fairly with his wife● the labor of propelling his unwieldy craft▓, except that the wife walked a●nd the Dutchman rode. In the early aft▓ernoon I briefly visit

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on deck a

Image 01 Web Design

ed Delft, and pushed on ●towards the Hague.No wayfarer, obviou▓sly, could in a single day become a●ccus

Image 02Graphic Design

tomed to the national clatter of wood▓en shoes.Beyond Delft I turned int●o a narrow roadway paved in cobblesto

Image 03Web Programming

nes▓ and flanked by two canals.It was a quiet route▓ even for Holland.In serene▓ contentment I pursue

Image 04Web Marketing

d my lonely ▓way, gazing off across the unbroken la▓ndscape.Suddenly a galloping “ra▓t-a-tat” sounded close behind me.W

Image 05Web Hosting

hat else b●ut a runaway horse could prod●uce such a devil’s tattoo To pause and g●lance behind might

Image 06SSL Certificate

cost me my ▓life, for the frenzied brute w●as almost upon me.With a swiftne●ss born of fear I took to my hee

Image 07Content Writing

ls.A▓ few yards beyond was a luckily-pl●aced foot-bridge over one of the cana▓ls.I made a flying leap at the str?/p>

Image 08Ecommerce Solution

駏cture and gained it in safety, jus▓t as there dashed by me at full speed—a Holland●er of some six summers, bound to market wit▓h a basket on his arm! 14“S

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